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Random Ramblings of Lovely Little Lacy

Proverbs 31:30

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Lacy Lynn
30 June 1982
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Hello! My name is Lacy and it appears you've stumbled across my LJ! I'm a 28 year old female from Minnesota and my Christian faith is the very core of who I am. If you don't want to read entries praising Jesus for the great work He is doing in my life, I'm probably not the person you want to add ;) I'm very close to my family. I grew up in a single parent household and my mother is my best friend in the world (very a la Gilmore Girls) I'm very bubbly, outgoing, and optimistic. I fully believe that life is too short to dwell on the negative and I tend to avoid petty drama at all costs. Drama queens are pretty much my biggest pet peeve. I'm a speech and theatre junkie.I'm a self proclaimed dork. I love stupid humor and will use puns any chance I'm given. I'm very much a Gleek. I'm an American Idol fanatic and the Disney channel is very much a guilty pleasure of mine. I love pretty much any type of music minus screaming metal. I'm a sucker for chick flicks. I love a good comedy (Adam Sandler, Steve Carrell and Will Ferrell are some of my faves) but I also a good suspenseful movie every now and then. I can't really think of what else to say at the moment but I'm pretty much an open book so ask away. If I seem like someone you might want to add, go ahead and leave a comment :)

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